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Tack Warehouse of Texas, LLC

Wholesale/Reseller Program


We at Tack Warehouse of Texas are pleased to inform you about our exclusive Wholesale/Reseller Program. We are an established and proven company managed by a team with extensive experience in the equestrian industry. Whether you are an experienced tack shop owner looking for new products or a fledgling business just starting out in the equine field, Tack Warehouse of Texas is here to support and guide you through your own independent business venture. We hope you will be as proud to present our products to your customers as we are to offer them to you. 

Our Wholesale/Reseller Program caters to customers who currently run or are looking to run small, medium or large storefront tack shops, general stores, mobile tack trailers, or online boutiques and are interested in purchasing product from our company for retail resale.

The Program offers a 40% to 60% discount off the suggested retail price on most products offered by Tack Warehouse of Texas. While there is a minimum $350.00 opening order requirement, there is no monthly order requirement or minimum order after the initial purchase.  To remain in the Wholesale/Reseller Program, you must only purchase a total of $1,000.00 in product during the next 12 month period.  That is it, no hidden fees, no membership fees, No application fees….NOTHING.

With our express, written consent, members of the Wholesale/Reseller Program are allowed to use some of our high- and low-resolution images and other promotional material to generate their marketing materials. This saves the dealer the hassle of compiling their own database of images and product descriptions. For more information on this policy, please contact your sales rep.

Our Wholesale/Reseller Program gives you complete freedom over pricing your products. We do have “suggested retails prices” or “MSRP” listed for each of our products, but we do not require that you use them. You are entitled to change your prices at anytime without our consent. You do not have to report to us, and we will not limit you in any way. This is your business after all and you are in control.

One of the many benefits of being a Tack Warehouse of Texas Reseller is that you will not have to assume the burden of bulk manufacturing and bulk stocking of products.  We are your warehouse and we will ship you your products as you need them.  You will have the ability to place your order on-line 24 hours a day.  In addition to on-line ordering, you can always contact your sales rep with any issue or question.  We are here to serve you and do everything we can to help you succeed.  We offer a fast, reliable and individual customer service team to help guide you through the beginning of your business relationship and answer any questions you may have. We also offer outstanding product quality and even better prices! We are dependable, professional, and easy to work with.

Any customer interested in becoming a member of the Wholesale/Reseller Program needs only to submit a completed application.  Once your application is processed and your initial order is placed, your customer profile will be updated and your exclusive Wholesale/Reseller Program pricing will automatically be displayed when you log in to our web site.  It is that easy.

You must be an approved Reseller and have placed your initial product order to have access to Wholesale/Reseller Program discounts.

Being a member of the Tack Warehouse of Texas Wholesale/Reseller Program does not convey or institute any official relationship to Tack Warehouse of Texas, LLC other than as a customer.  Tack Warehouse of Texas, LLC does not become a partner, joint venture partner, or any other relationship with the members of the Wholesale/Resellers Program.  The use of the name “Tack Warehouse of Texas, LLC” in your marketing efforts or to present yourself as an employee, agent, representative or in any other capacity other than a customer of Tack Warehouse of Texas, LLC is hereby expressly prohibited.  Submission of an application to become a member of the Wholesale/Reseller Program is your acknowledgement of such understanding.

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